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In Concert: Mutemath at Park West, Chicago PDF Print E-mail
Written by Clare Gajkowski   

Even though hipsters around the world like to classify Mutemath as “indie rock,” the truth is they’re with Warner Brothers Records.  Perhaps the label “neo alternative” would be more fitting – but I digress.  Regardless of how you tag them, Mutemath is a genuinely bold band that can put on an impressive live performance.

On October 5th, they played Park West in Chicago – a venue I had never been to before.  Not only was there a comfortable area to stand near the stage, half of the building had black leather booth seating available under a giant disco ball.  The light show was fitting, but after awhile I had to question whether or not I was indeed epileptic. (Dear Park West: settle down with the strobe lights, please.) After a few local bands, Shiny Toy Guns came on and played an extremely decent set.  With two vocalists (one male, one female) and multiple guitars and keyboards, Shiny Toy Guns’ energetic performance convinced me to buy their CD.  (Best Buy recently put their newest CD on sale for $7.99, so pick it up if you can spare eight bucks.) 

Concert Review: Tour for the Cure PDF Print E-mail
Written by Clare Gajkowski   

Though you’ve probably heard the single, “The Mix Tape” by Jack’s Mannequin on the radio, you may not be aware of how proactive (no, not the acne treatment Kelly Clarkson and Lindsay Lohan endorse) the lead singer Andrew McMahon is.  A lymphatic leukemia survivor, McMahon founded the Dear Jack Foundation which has been helping to raise money throughout the month of September, which is Leukemia Awareness Month. 

It turns out Andrew’s sister actually donated her bone marrow for him, saving her brother’s life.  McMahon wrote on the Dear Jack Foundation’s website, “Having fought my own battle with Leukemia I feel an intense personal obligation to use whatever resources are at my disposal to raise both money and awareness for the countless young people who are being diagnosed with similar blood diseases.” 

Making College Better: Know the Right Music PDF Print E-mail
Written by The University Standard   

Dave Matthews, Source: WeeklyDaveSpeak.comFor any new freshman or simply any new student, coming to college is guaranteed to be a time that involves transition. As with anything, the easiest way to minimize the difficulty of this transition is to do it with friends and those who share the same interests that you do.

However, like many incoming college students, most of your core group of friends have gone on to other schools around the country leaving your high school “crew” in shambles. This forces you to fend for yourself and start a fresh chapter in your life.

As frightening as it might be to meet new people, the reality is that a few simple tools can allow social networking on campus to be quite easy. Of the different tactics that one could use to meet people, there is one tactic that is guaranteed to have a positive effect as a conversation-starter.

Last Updated ( Monday, 11 September 2006 )
Artist Spotlight: The Treats PDF Print E-mail
Written by Colleen Boltz   
What do the words rock and roll with smatterings of pop, blues, hard rock, punk and psychedelia. Answer: The Treats. These exact words are how Don Isham, the drummer for the band, described his bands music. There is not one exact genre that this band falls into, their debut album, Paint Your Blood, throws bits and pieces of everything you can imagine onto your plate. The Treats started making music in 2000 and are straight out of Madison, Wisconsin.

The band emerged one late night when Andy and Don Isham were playing and neighbor Tim Payne came over with his bass to join in.

"Andy and I used to jam around in our college house on weekends, softly sending our neighbors off to sleep. Tim was one of those neighbors, and came over one day to offer his bass playing services. We obliged, since Tim could get his hands on some cheap PA gear as well," Don jokingly states.

Well no joke here, the bass styling of Tim was exactly what the Isham brothers needed and a few late night jam sessions later The Treats were born.
Artist Spotlight: Matt Costa PDF Print E-mail
Written by Colleen Boltz   
With his dream career in shambles, Matt Costa believed everything he once had hoped for was now impossible.  After seven years of practice his goal of a professional skateboarding career which at one point was at the tip of his fingers, was now miles away.

On the brink of the most exciting point in his career Costa shattered his leg in a skateboarding accident.  At the time which seemed to be the worst possible predicament blossomed into a blessing. 

During his recovery Costa now turned to his guitar. He had received this guitar about the same time as his first skateboard.  In an interview with NowOnTour.com writer, Roy Atizado, Costa explains how he was always intrigued by music.
Last Updated ( Tuesday, 08 August 2006 )